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Shot on 16mm film and with a microscopic budget, Happy Birthday Cindy Wei is a 2013 final graduation film brought to life by BA film students at the Arts University of Bournemouth. After a year's preparation, multiple nervous breakdowns, empty pockets and (most importantly) their collective hard-work, this short film is much more than just a school project.

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In this dark-comedy and unconventional coming-of-age story, an awkward, overweight 15-year-old girl is plagued by her insecurities and sexual frustrations while she struggles to survive in the vicious world of teenage adolescence.
In addition to facing constant humiliation at school, Cindy must deal with an aloof father, an absent mother and the occasional harassment by customers at the family-owned Chinese take-away.
It’s not until her older cousin, Michael, starts working at the take-away that Cindy finds a light in the angst-ridden darkness. There’s something different about Michael and it’s not just that he dances in woman’s platform shoes while frying prawns.

Cindy unexpectedly finds comfort and guidance in Michael’s flamboyancy and subsequently, in his secret second job as a late night phone sex operator. Through her discovery of Michael’s alternative lifestyle, Cindy is led to discover her own desires and strength.


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